Illana Berger

Gift Certificate

This is a gift certificate for one private session.

Advanced Couples Session Package - 12 sessions w/ 10% discount

This is for 12 couples sessions with a 10% discount on the fees. These must be used within 7 months time.

Intro Package

This is a special offering of $50 discount when booking 4 individual, relationship, divorce or self discovery sessions. The 4 sessions must be used within 2 months of purchase.

Women of a Certain Age Growing Young

Special price for Class if paid by August 15th.

Advanced Individual Sessions Package - 12 sessions 10% discount

When purchasing 12 sessions you receive a 10% discount. I encourage this as it allows you to dive deeply into your process and our work together. You may use these 12 sessions either every week (12 weeks) or every other week (24 weeks). This package must be used within 24 weeks.